About Us

In the first week of January we occupied a house on the Greek island of Chios in order to support people fleeing from war, persecution or poverty, who arrive from Turkey. Since then we have been working on fixing the building in order to open our doors to the public soon.
In the weeks before we have experienced that the aid supply by NGO’s, IO’s, the Greek government and the EU is inadequate. These organizations fail up until this date to fully respond to basic humanitarian needs.
We work to provide a space where Refugees are not seen as people of second class or downgraded, where self-sufficiency and organization is possible and supported.
This includes a 24-hour food-supply, a chill out-area, a safe place for women and children and common activities like cooking, painting, or watching movies. We aim to provide a place, where people can meet on an eye-to-eye-level, regardless of nationality, gender, sexuality or religion.
In contrary to the official organizations present on the island, we strongly disagree to and reject the registration process, that separates migrants by nationality and leads to illegalizing and deporting people. We fight for the freedom of movement and a world without borders.
Everybody feel welcome to come and past by.
We call for your support, for people helping, for money and equipment donations. if you want to come chios and help us, become a member of: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1551865745126879/?fref=ts
You can contact us via mail:
You can donate money to:
IBAN: NL06 INGB 0007 1702 49
Payment reference “SoliCafe”


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